Negishi Ryu Shurikenjutsu

Welcome to the official website for Negishi Ryu Kamakura. Our dojo was founded by David Barber (Shihan) under direct licence from Saito Satoshi, the 5th generation headmaster of our tradition. The school itself dates back to Japan's Edo period, and was founded by samurai, Negishi  Shorei, headmaster of Annaka-han Araki Ryu Kenjutsu. Today, David-sensei teaches in cooperation with 7th generation headmaster, Yoshifumi Hayasaka. During his lifetime, headmaster Saito Satoshi appointed only 4 instructors to carry fourth the tradition. David is privileged to be one of them. 

Admission to Negishi Ryu is by invitation only.

Generally, local students begin as students of the Renbukan dojo (Kamakura) and undertake training in the fundamentals of Japanese kobudo. Once they have demonstrated a certain level of knowledge and skill, and provided they are of sound character, they may be invited to participate in Negishi Ryu training. 

The Negishi Ryu is Japan's last surviving specialist school of classical (koryu) shurikenjutsu. It's curriculum centers on heiho (combative) shuriken throwing, in conjunction with traditional weapons, such as the sword and spear. There are also appendant schools, such as Shirai Ryu & Yamamoto Ryu which date back to the teachings of Naruase Kanji (3rd generation headmaster). In addition, further teachings acquired by Saito Satoshi (5th generation) from the late Fujita Seiko (Koga Ryu).

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